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(Eva) Catharina (Julia), them/they pronouns, I'm from Norway, I like the Manic Street Preachers, JDB, and reading I apologise in advance if I might seem a little depressing at times. It has it's reasons. I am am truly passionate about women's and disabled's rights as i have cerebral palsy (right sided spastic hemiplegia) and marfans syndrome myself.

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It’s 28° degrees outside, kill me

methadoneugly said: what are those papers on ur wall say?

My acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

This better give me lots of JDB sex dreams

This better give me lots of JDB sex dreams

To find representation for myself as a disabled person is hard as there are very few disabled people represented in the media or anywhere else for that matter. The world is so far behind.




I laugh every time I see this

I need more friends

I’m on the last season of sex and the city, after that i might just watch every season of gilmore girls over again, and after that prison break. They are the only box sets i have, but they always need rewatching.

Well, I got laid this morning, as he couldn’t get it up yesterday, like two minutes of semi-okay sex. (another guy than on Monday, this summer is turning out nicely. I am so bored that I could probably have sex with anyone over the age of 18 at this point)


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