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James Dean Babefield
(Eva) Catharina (Julia), non-binary/agender, them/they/hen pronouns, I'm from Norway, I like the Manic Street Preachers, JDB, and reading I apologise in advance if I might seem a little depressing at times. It has it's reasons. I am am truly passionate about women's and disabled's rights as i have cerebral palsy (right sided spastic hemiplegia) and marfans syndrome myself.

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Fans) want to believe that he was perpetually tortured, and any kind of ordinariness they just don’t want to see. They’ll never believe that Richey and me played cricket for hours on end. The last year of being in the band he definitely did go downhill. We got one letter which said ‘Why didn’t you talk to him?’ And I spent more time in my life talking to Richey and trying to understand him than I have done with any other person. He made my life a misery sometimes, because I was just worrying about him all the time.

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Tuesday Feb 2 @ 07:48pm
tagged as: nicky wire. manic street preachers. tears are running down my face.

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